Clark LED is my company and I’m Patrick Clark. I worked for 7 years in concert lighting and never got over the fun of playing with cutting edge lighting equipment. So now I’m back to playing with lights, although on a much smaller scale! 

I was first introduced to the world of concert lighting in early 1996 when I took a job, fresh out of ITT Tech, with Light and Sound Design, then the largest concert lighting company in the world. 

I built their electronics repair department and learned how to repair much of the professional lighting equipment we rented, including our very own line of moving light fixtures and lighting consoles named Icon. 

The Icon was a powerful moving light fixture with a beam capable of cutting through most other hard edged fixtures of the day. It and the proprietary control console was used on many world tours to include U2, KISS, AC/DC, Pearl Jam, Rolling Stones, The Who, and several Super Bowl Halftime Shows.

Years passed, LSD was bought by The Borg (Production Resource Group) and renamed Fourth Phase. I worked at LSD/Fourth Phase until late 2002 when they merged the Nashville shop with their Atlanta shop and I jumped ship. Since then I’ve been working on Macintosh computers off and on until I decided to make a proper go of it and open The Boro Mac Shop, which was a Mac, iPhone, & iPad repair shop in Murfreesboro, TN. 

I operated Boro Mac for 5 years and realized that I would only be happy doing the work that I loved. So I closed Boro Mac, became semi-retired, built a nice home workshop and now I make cool stuff using my CNC machine and NeoPixel LEDs! 

Patrick Clark
Owner – Clark LED

This is a photo I took in our Nashville shop in 2002. That’s an Icon console, 2x FOH racks, and a HES Studio Color I used to test FOH systems with. That’s a Icon luminaire on the table behind the console.

It sounds corny, I know, but when I first heard “The Load Out” off of Jackson Browne’s “Running On Empty” album, I was hooked.

A year later when I heard that expectant roar when the lights went out at my first concert, and then we saw the flashlights showing the musicians to the darkened stage, I was hooked.

When I was about to graduate with a degree in Electronics, I didn’t have any plans to pursue a job in live music but when I walked into my first job interview and saw road cases labelled with KISS and Lollapalooza, I knew I was home, at least for a little while, I was home.