CNC Engraved Edge-Lit LED Signs


I make bright and beautiful custom edge lit LED signs for your business, home, or school. Browse through my stock images or send me your own black and white artwork!

Green LED

Don’t blame me if you wind up just sitting and staring at your image engraved into  crystal clear acrylic as the LEDs fade from one vivid color to the next. These signs are mesmerizing!

Blue LED

3" Sign - $35

Our 3" sign is a new addition and looks good anywhere space is limited. It's just cute!

6" Sign - $55

The 6" sign is our standard model and is a good size for most engravings that are about as tall as they are wide.

9" Sign - $65

Our 9" sign is a good choice for those images that are both wide and tall.

Murfreesboro, TN Blackman High School

Each LED sign comes with the following:

  • Base
  • Engraved Acrylic slide
  • 6′ USB cable
  • 5V Power Supply
5V Power Supply
6" Base and USB Cable
Base w/ USB cable
USB cable connected to USB port
USB Port Power

My signs come loaded with several color chases that really show off your engraving. The chases also show off what makes my LEDs different from most of the others out there, theirs can’t do chases where each LED can be a different color from the one next to it!

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USPS Shipping

We ship our signs to all 50 states for a flat rate of $9 with tracking number provided.